Network Connect is a voice and data communication technology company. We specialise in maximising the efficiency of our clients communications at both the local and wide area level.

The company is resolute in its goal to provide an enhanced customer experience second to none.

What we do.....

Cyber Security

In a world where network cyber threats are making headlines every day, organisations large and small need to know their network is secure. Network Connect specialise in providing intelligent security solutions which allow trusted users in, but keep unwanted guests out.

Technologies such as Sandbox, Anti-Virus, Secure Remote Access, Web Filtering coupled with threat detection analysis and reporting are services which Network Connect delivers to keep organisations secure.


Wired and Wireless Access

With the explosion of devices which need connecting to the network, modern data networks need to be flexible, secure, and fast. Guests need internet access, staff wish to connect their own devices and all the time organisations need to ensure the corporate network remains secure and stable.

Network Connect are experts in designing and delivering access solutions which enable you to connect wired and wireless devices securely to the network.


....and how we do it.

Communication Excellence

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