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What is Education Connect?

Network Connect recognises that keeping pupils safe and secure online has never been more challenging. Education Connect addresses that challenge by providing a managed Internet service with full compliance of the Department for Education's online safety requirements and the criteria set out by The UK Safer Internet Centre. Education Connect ensures schools are able to implement the most appropriate web filtering policy in line with the Government's Prevent Agenda anti-terrorism and extremism guidelines whilst as the same time protecting the school data network from malicious attacks. Education Connect can be tailor-made for schools large and small with bespoke packages available to suit all requirements.

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Education Connect Details.

Education Connect delivers a secure, high-performance service which comprises of one or all of the following:

Connectivity to the Internet:

Depending on your schools requirements and the available services, connectivity to the Internet is provided by ADSL, FTTC fibre broadband or, for those schools with high bandwidth demands, by a leased line dedicated circuit which delivers superfast connection speeds on an uncontended network.

Secure intelligent firewall:

To ensure a safe online learning environment for pupils, Education Connect incorporates a Next Generation Firewall from Internet Security leaders, Fortinet. This provides complete and comprehensive protection against the following advanced security threats:

  • Anti-Virus - protection against the latest viruses, spyware, and other content-level threats.
  • Intrusion Protection - prevents threats and attacks emanating from the Internet gaining a foothold inside your network.
  • Anti-Spam - uses a highly effective multi-layered approach to filter spam emails and protect your school from spam attacks.
  • Application Control - protects your school by blocking access to malicious applications. It also allows you to fine-tune and restrict user access based on the applications they are using.
  • Data leak prevention - prevents sensitive data from leaving your network. Having the ability to define data patterns, should data match these patterns the process will be blocked.
  • Web filtering - Improves security by blocking access to malicious, hacked or inappropriate websites. It controls access through policy-based controls and is highly granular to suit the requirements of specific roles within the school for example pupils, teaching staff, Head Teacher and Administration Team.

Customer Care:

Advanced service levels providing enhanced support response for the Internet connection, same day fix on analogue line issues if logged before 13:00, or next day fix if logged after 13:00.

Managed Service:

Benefit from our team of dedicated in-house technical support assistants to fully manage your service. This Includes advance replacement of equipment in the event of a hardware failure.

Education Connect is part of a range of services designed specifically for Schools and Colleges available as a monthly subscription from Network Connect, minimum contract terms apply. Please contact us on 0161 214 2010 for further information.


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