Navigate - Partner Software

Splicecom's Navigate application can be utilised in conjunction with the company's telephone range of IP and analogue terminals, or existing third party analogue telephones as a "Phone Partner" application for your telephone system.

Navigate Pro

Navigate Pro is the UC client application that delivers the ultimate flexibility in business productivity. Now you can have all the benefits of an advanced UC service using SelectVoice, regardless of what end-point device you use. A Windows 10 device is required in order to run Navigate Pro.

Navigate Pro offers the full range of traditional phone features, all controlled by the click of a mouse.

Navigate Pro Partner

Navigate Pro has been designed to offer screen based phone management and control alongside advanced integration with both Microsoft Skype For Business and Outlook.

Available free of charge for all SelectVoice users, Navigate Pro Phone Partner mode delivers call features through the PC to a broad range of Yealink SIP and Splicecom PCS desk phones as well as existing 3rd party analogue phones.

Partner mode is often preferred to Softphone mode when the user does not wish to rely on their PC for all communications. For example, the user may share a desk phone for shift working or the user prefers the ease of use a desk phone provides with its headset, handset and handsfree working. Simply answer the call by picking up the handset and quickly receive features such as searching and dialling from Outlook contacts via the PC. It's the best of both worlds!

Navigate Pro Softphone

Navigate Pro allows you to dispense with your desktop phone altogether. By using a broad range of Bluetooth or USB headsets in conjunction with your laptop/PC to make and receive phone calls, Navigate Pro becomes the perfect all-in-one business phone solution. Ideal for the infrequent phone user, staff who take a high volume of calls and prefer a headset, for enabling a mobile workforce, for those working at home, for situations where desk-space is at a premium, or those who simply want to save desk phone costs.

Softphone operation can also be used in conjunction with the SelectVoice hot desk facility allowing users to log in and out of softphone, desk phone and the iPCS Smartphone softphone application.

Headset integration includes 'click to answer' via the headset and the ability to mute the PC audio path when a call is presented e.g. when watching a training video. Additionally, for those who prefer not to always wear a headset, the ring can be presented to both headset and PC speakers.

Navigate UC

Navigate UC is a powerful personal productivity tool that allows business to benefit from the unification of their key IT apps with their Splicecom business telephone system. Navigate UC helps to increase efficiency by showing the caller's contact details on your PC screen before calls are answered and eliminating wrong numbers by enabling "click to dial" directly from Microsoft Skype for Business 2016, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes and Google Contacts. Navigate UC also provides real time Presence information on all your colleagues, allowing you to make instant and accurate decisions as to how and when is the best time to communicate with them. This could include integrated messaging (IM), which is also included on Navigate UC. This allows you to send messages to one or several users simultaneously from a single window using rich text and hyperlinks. There's also a message history to keep track of past conversations.

    Works with:
  • Microsoft Skype for Business 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • IBM Notes
  • Google Contacts
    Dial directly from:
  • Apps listed above
  • Web pages
  • Clipboard
    Other Features:
  • Controlled pop of contact records on incoming call
  • Presence shows colleagues availability in real-time
  • Preview window shows caller's name as found in Apps listed above, their number and call control functions
  • Helps users to decide how they want to deal with a call and then act immediately
  • Call history displays last 50 calls in and out
  • Integrated Messaging allows conversations with one or several colleagues

Navigate CRM

Navigate CRM takes all of the powerful personal productivity features of Navigate UC and adds support for all the leading CRM apps and also offers integration with LDAP and ODBC databases. Alongside "click to dial", controlled popping of contact records, preview with call control, call history, presence and Integrated Messaging, Navigate CRM also delivers a unique Address Book. This feature unifies your contact data sources in one place, allowing ALL of them to be searched simultaneously. You can then dial contacts or pop contact records from the search results on the very same screen.

Navigate CRM integrates with the following applications and many more...

  • Salesforce
  • Sage CRM
  • Sage50 Accounts
  • Capita SIMS
  • MS Dynamics

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