Secure Connect


- Secure Internet logging and Reporting

What is Secure Connect?

Secure Connect is a cyber security management application hosted by Network Connect which collects data from Fortigate Firewalls, - Fortinet's Next Generation Firewall. Secure Connect delivers enterprise class features to help protect users and networks connected to the Internet. It provides, real time information on current activity and threats, alerts on detection of a threat, the necessary tools required to expedite an investigation and a highly customisable reporting package.

Secure Connect in more detail.

Secure Connect is a feature-rich customisable solution which allows organisations to build the perfect Internet security tool. Secure Connect comprises of all of the following features:

Intelligent Monitoring:

This feature provides a real-time events log offering complete visibility into user activity in such a way that your organisation can easily identify malicious individuals and actions. The content filtering technology enables web traffic to be classified and filtered using multiple pre-defined and customised categories.

Robust Blocking:

With the ability to block access to inappropriate and dangerous websites Secure Connect prevents users of the network from visiting malicious sites and maintain a safe and productive environment.

Automated Alerting:

This feature notifies your administrators as and when breaches occur across your network. Pre-define the events that enable your organisation to comply with the organisational policies in place to save manually filtering the daily logs collated and have real-time automated alerts sent instead. Alerts include severe breaches such as; accessing adult content or proxy avoidance sites, network intrusion attempts and suspected internal threats.

Detailed Reporting:

Secure Connect provides an easy-to-use reporting solution which allows organisations to quickly access and break down their network's activities and trends. The comprehensive suite of easily customisable reports allows management to quickly analyse and document inappropriate Internet usage as well as identify network threats and inefficiencies. Reports can be generated live or by scheduled updates.

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Secure Connect is available as a monthly subscription from Network Connect, pricing is dependent on the number of users on your network. A Fortinet Fortigate is required to provide this service.


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