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BT switch off PSTN and ISDN


In 2015, BT Openreach announced that they will be switching off the PSTN and ISDN services in 2025, marking the biggest change in the telecoms industry for over 30 years. For decades, these networks have been the backbone of every organisations' communications, yet as technology advances the requirement for high-speed communications increase, demanding more than traditional networks were designed to deliver.

The switch off marks the next evolution of telecommunications technology, migrating organisations from legacy analogue networks to digital equivalents. The switch to digital is happening everywhere but in particular, by 2025, every telephone line in the UK and other services such as alarms and door entry systems connected to them will be digital, routing calls over Internet Protocol, - IP, rather than analogue networks.

The withdrawal of the PSTN will also affect how broadband is delivered. Moving forward the broadband service becomes the underlying technology used to deliver data over the top IP services such as Voice Over Internet Protocol, - VOIP, delivering each organisation with a complete digital solution.

Timeline depicting the withdrawal of PSTN and ISDN


Many organisations have already successfully made the move to digital. They're not only ready for the future, they're already enjoying the benefits a cloud-based telephone system offers.

Make the necessary changes now to avoid any disruptions to your operations, contact us to discuss how best to future proof your network and ensure business continuity.


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