Data Connectivity

Transmitting and Routing your data

Network Connect offer a full range of data connections ranging from traditional broadband to high speed fibre based internet services. Whether you simply need connectivity to The Internet or a meshed MPLS/SD WAN network to link all your sites together Network Connect can provide the right solution.

Broadband Internet Options

Network Connect's business broadband provides high speed, reliable connectivity to The Internet. Download speeds of up to 80Mb can be achieved using our Fibre Broadband product including the latest SoGea connectivity. If Fibre Broadband is not available in your area, ADSL and ADSL2+ can be provided delivering speeds of up to 20Mb subject to the sites distance to the exchange. Other benefits include:

  • Static IP Addresses
  • Elevated priority and enhanced SLA options
  • Single point of contact for upgrades, line faults and billing enquiries

Fibre Leased Lines

Fibre Leased Lines deliver business grade internet connectivity in the UK direct to your premises using fibre optic cables from various carriers. Our Fibre Leased Line solution comprises of a dedicated circuit which provides symmetrical (identical upload and download speeds) and reliable bandwidth (up to 10Gbps) with guaranteed SLAs that ensure high-speed, uncontended connectivity to keep your business operational and competitive.

A fully managed solution which includes fixed IP addressing, a configured managed router with options for diverse back ups available. Advanced features such as Quality of Service, - QoS, can be enabled on our leased lines to deliver latency sensitive applications and services such as VoIP and video seamlessly.


Wireless Connections

Our enhanced Wireless Leased Lines provide all the benefits of a dedicated fibre based circuit in a fraction of the time, without the excess construction costs that can occasionally be associated with fibre.

Network Connect, working with our partner M24Seven, offers one modest fixed fee for Wireless leased lines that is not subject to any post-survey construction charges.

Our next-generation network uses industry leading radio technology to bypass traditional copper and fibre networks. Our best-in-class wireless services provide ultrafast connectivity without the headaches associated with leased lines.

Delivered over scalable circuits - Wireless Leased Lines allows you to expand your bandwidth as needed - with excess bearer capacity to enable future upgrades. Unlike fibre solutions, we also offer you the flexibility to relocate your connections when you move premises within our service areas.

Product benefits and features:

  • Symmetrical bandwidth between 10Mbps and 2Gbps
  • Dedicated connectivity for your business
  • Fast delivery - 25 days from landlord approval
  • 100% independence from BT exchanges
  • Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime and 4-hour fix
  • Scalable and flexible connectivity
  • Low latency for Cloud services and VoIP
  • Connectivity via DIA, MPLS and Layer 2
  • Fixed delivery costs and no excess construction charges

Currently this service is available (subject to survey) to customers in the Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Burnley, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle and London regions.


MPLS Networks

A Multiprotocol Label Switching, - MPLS, Network is a scalable solution which can be integrated to create a bespoke private network across multi-site organisations allowing sites to share data and IP services securely. An MPLS connection provides reliability by utilising pre-determined efficient routes to deliver increased performance, better bandwidth utilisation, reduced network congestion and a better end-user experience.

Whether your services are located centrally, co-located or stored in a cloud, an MPLS solution is a cost effective way of routing data carrying real-time traffic, such as voice or video, across low-latency routes on the network to any location.

SD-WAN Connections

A Software-defined Wide Area Network, - SD-WAN, connection is separated from the underlying hardware. It utilises a central control function which continuously analyses traffic flowing across the network and intelligently directs it in accordance with the policies set, improving application performance. The enhanced user experience increases productivity, business agility and responsiveness. It delivers end-to-end encryption across the entire network including the Internet, utilising the embedded security polcies to detect suspicious network behaviour and performing remedial action in return.

SD-WAN simplifies individual branch architecture offering organisations the opportunity to significantly reduce network costs.

Local Area Network

A Local Area Network, - LAN, provides a fast, secure, and reliable network that interconnects devices within a limited geographical area such as a school campus or office building. Network Connects all-encompassing service includes LAN design, implementation and support services delivering a tailored solution that can grow as you do. This can include the deployment of new infrastructure cabling, multilayer switching, advanced routing techniques as well as network security for protection from internal threats.

Wide Area Networks

A Wide Area Network, - WAN, is the connection of two or more geographically diverse Local Area Network's. With a WAN solution in place, organisations can become more cohesive and efficient whilst sharing internal resources, streamlining costs and monitoring activity across the entire network.

Network Connect's offering includes design, implementation, and support services to deliver an efficient, secure and cost-effective WAN solution for your organisation. By using a wide range of modern technologies, including internet leased lines, point to point links, virtual private networks, - VPN, and multiprotocol label switching, - MPLS, we can ensure your organisation has secure connectivity at all times.

As part of our service, Network Connect recommends building a failover into every WAN solution to ensure continuity of service. Failover should be automatic and operationally transparent to your customers, eliminating the potential risk to impact operations thus providing business-wide continuity for all.


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